Ink & Paper Part 1

Hey everyone,

I planned to spend last week practicing watercolors, and, well, for the first half of the week I did, but then I got frustrated. It's difficult and I feel kind of lost learning the aquarelle from scratch. So, on Thursday I turned to good old gel and ballpoint pen and here are some of the stuff I did.

Tomorrow is a new week and the plan stays as it was — watercolors. Though I really enjoyed working with ink. I think I'll spend some time with that too. 

That's it. Cheers!




Lots of things started nothing finished… yet.

Hey guys,

It was a nice week. Was trying to transition to analog from digital, so I've been working with water colors. Well actually spend the most time for preparation, just pencil on paper, tyring to come up with something. I never actually worked with them seriously, so it's a quite daunting.

But it was productive week still, started a lot of things, just haven't finished anything yet, well at least nothing worth showing. But I'll continue the next week, and I hope I'll get more comfortable with the thing and I'll have something to show.

Well that's it for now. I leave you with a piece from I finished just before dabbling into aquarelle.

That's it. Cheers!

New Stuff

This is the first official blog post. So I'll start with an update to my portfolio. Here are few pieces from the last week. Still experimenting with color, but overall I fell that my work is sort of getting cleaner. Anyway, if you are interested you can show your support and grab a print at my Society6 page, thanks in advance if you do! 

That's it. A short update. Cheers!

Arney Bee